At leisureloops, we believe that everyone has a story to tell. And what better way to do that than wear it on your wrist?
It’s very rewarding to motivate others, encourage them celebrate their passions – or even help those around you push through hard times.
In fact, one of the very first leisureloops bracelets was created to help my mother stay strong during chemotherapy. Even though that particular bracelet isn’t sold today, it sparked an idea; a way to spread motivation and words of strength through comfortable jewelry. And we encourage you to share a braid with a friend for this reason!

Environmentally friendly

Each bracelet is made from scratch using environmentally sustainable practices. We even go so far as to source our fabric from the textile industries waste bin. That’s right, off-cuts & remnants from factories all over the world are cut up and braided by us!

Though since there is generally a limited supply of each color, it means that you’ll often see limited edition braids. This adds to the uniqueness of your bracelet too,
as not many others will have exactly the same one as you!

Tarnish Resistant Charms

The charms we use are stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about sensitive skin being irritated. Stainless doesn’t tarnish either! 
And unlike the traditional engraving processes, we don’t just scratch the surface of the steel. Our charms are easy to read from all angles.
This is because your favorite quote or positive affirmation is cut deep into the metal with a laser, exposing the raw steel underneath!

Photographer: Pierre T. Lambert

Water Resistant

Because of the stainless steel qualities of the charms, it is safe to wear these in water. The fabric we use also consists of a polyester and lycra/spandex blend. This is the same stuff used in swimsuits and gym wear! So it makes sense that your sweat isn’t going to harm the braid either.
We do recommend that you stay away from swimming pools and chlorine though!